Battle realms kenjis journey

As usual keep pumping out spearmen and send them to the battle. Gathering Resources for Allies - It is possible to harvest rice and collect water for your allies. Have three of them gather rice and two to gather water.

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Upgrade your units and train all that you can and go a little bit to the north and destroy the Wolf base there. Kenji must defeat both of them to end the threat once and for all. Horses can be useful by 1 Keeping your geisha alive longer, and making them faster. What are the supported screen resolutions?

Space your people out and take out the heavy hitters first.

anybody finish Kenji's journey in battle realms?

Mission Right Path: An example is the Pitch Slinger that have and excelent armor against cutting weapons so Koril which attack's with a cutting weapon will have a hard time killing him. Run your troops to the right most crossing. Position Kenji and Shinja at the top and everybody else at the bottom. He helped the Dragon Clan Peasants by killing the Bandits.

After that go north and protect the Swan's Pool for attackers. Koril - Koril will be acquired in Mission 8. Sign up for free! When you attempt to control him he will run around like madman. Kill them all then go help Kenji kill the buildings if he isn't through yet.

Leave about ronin at the base because there will be a couple of attacks. When you have the resources build a bathhouse and train a geisha. When you are done with Garrin's Keep go east there should be a small base destroy it and you should be done in this Mission.

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You have to build the we'll because the wolf will soon attack and its hard to get water far from your base, theat is why we need that well early in the game.

Her BG will heal everybody around her but thats what you have geisha for.

Thieves Guild- Sniper Scope, Increases the range and damage of shots but they have to stand still. So my advice is to just kill every Lotus you kenjie if they are present to wherever Soban is walking towards.

Most Wolf Clan units can only have one Wolf pet at a time. After that you will soon get Otomo to join you.

Darkseid "Let there be Bacon. Some buildings require other than rice and water. Try using Otomo with Sledgers armed with Stun Slam.

You get him after the third mission. After helping the bandits, they recognize Kenji as the Lord Serpent's son. First grab Kenji and all his friends and run back to the rest of the troops. Doesn't do too much damage though. How many clans will Battle Realms offer?

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Disclamer This document is free and may be distributed or reproduced in any way, shape or form whether it may be electronical or not, providing the content of this document may not be altered in any way. I'll put the easy way first.

Build all the buildings and train eight Archer and six Dragon Warriors.