Thirteen by lauren myracle

I said this because Winnie cares for Joseph because he has leukemia and wants him to get better, she wants Amanda to be her old sweet and kind self instead of going out to eighth-grade parties and getting drunk, Ty to understand that everything doesn't revolve around a girl and you can't make everything right even if you want to, and Cinnamon not to make fun of Dinah in front of eight-graders to make herself look better she should treat her better. Did Lauren Myracle get a new editor? I would recommend this book to all girls 10 years to 13 years old. As the last, I think, installment of the Winnie Series, it brings the reader on a more in depth journey of Winnie's feelings as she embarks into High School. Previous books in the series are Eleven and Twelve.

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It should have been mentioned earlier in the series. Later that night Lars goes to Winnie's house asking for forgiveness and to be taken back, which she agrees to and starts the relationship over mydacle. Dinah helps a girl named Mary to store the stuff she shoplifts. Later Winnie's boyfriend separates himself from her by stopping most communication. I would recommend this book to people who are new to middle school and year-olds this book goes through her year as a year-ol The Winnie Years is such a wonderful series, and of course, this book just as amazing.

She was a snot throughout, and it was very irritating. And then there are her siblings, moody for their own reasons, and a mom who has a couple secrets of her own.


And the lessons learned were poignant and spot-on for what girls that age struggle with some of which are things that girls of all ages--even those of us who are well beyond the middle grades--struggle with. Dinah's dad gets mad and sends her off to boot camp, which he says that, "he only wants the best for her".

But sometimes you also weren't friends with people you did like, which was complicated, and which didn't make any sense if you tried to explain it. So, in summary, Myracle's positive qualities are: I bought this book first of the series when I was 7 and could read it perfectly, so pretty low reading level. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Winnie Perry is becoming an adult.

That title says a lot a about the story. I predict that Amanda will also be at Turtle Camp.

Thirteen by: Lauren Myracle by Taylor Daly on Prezi

I want more Winnie Perry. I like how it focuses on all kinds of relationships: It is easy for you to see what is going on. How cool would it be if Lauren Myracle continued that trend? Eleven, Twelve and Tyirteen Rating: And that's what's so great about Myracle: I look forward to seeing if Winnie's story continues.

I remembered that I really liked Eleven and Twelve back when I read them in 6th grade, so when I found out about this I was all for it. Winnie seemed to be really down myraclf earth and very likable.

Thirteen Plus One

They played games and had fun. Feb 07, Laura rated it it was ok.

Suzy Weaver Kline and Suzy Kline. It was a pretty cool bat mitzvah. Nov 08, Madeline rated it did not like it. It's a lot for anyone to handle, and loyal Winnie is so busy worrying about everyone else that she hardly notices that she might just be struggling a little bit herself. Now I have no problem with nice people but when they're too nice I can't stand them.

Some parents might The Winnie series is about Winnie as she grows up from ages This was a great edition to Twelve!

I like that she is true to herself, she comes out of her shell especially with Lars and Cinnamon she stands up myrzcle herself and not as much in the beginning as in the end. They were really funny. And it s a really big deal.