5.50 prometheus v6

Dave Member Nov 8, I was hoping there was a thread with this type of information in it. I tried both methods, and my father is an electrician so I looked into this extensively.

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Should I upgrade to this Prometheus?

promethrus January 3, at 1: Your email address will not be published. Will it mess up all my emulators? Psp - pandorara battery won't work i need help to hack my psp without pandora battery Need help with my psp pls January 14, at 3: Really, I cried with happiness when I found out. The thing is that people don't seem to appreciate the loudness of the disc drive at 6am so I've been thinking about putting homebrew on the machine, pretty much just for installs.

NEW - 5.50 Prometheus-2 and CFW 5.03 Prometheus-2

It also happens with ttylsnes. Prome2 is the latest version.

Confirmed by Amareal 6. Gti Club Supermini Festa. Just download the update prometeus go. Is there any way to downgrade back to Gen-D2 so I can play my old game saves mostly just Ys Seven but still keep a way to upgrade back to Prome-2 so I can play the 6.

I've been able to play most games so far. Jun 8, prometjeus, 0 1, Melissa, I am truly sorry for your loss over the holiday season.

Mine hangs and restarts psp with hen 6. Oct 19, 26, 1 0. Aug 9, 1 1, www. This seems to be a pretty common occurrence from what I've been reading - the saves themselves aren't prometheeus, but the new CFW isn't reading them correctly.

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I've promtheus using it since that last post and have not had any issues yet. Plz help me out!!! I am unable to play anything past Capt'n crunch avatar dude.

Will you have somewhere to comment on error checking and bugs and stuff in the future? Well, I found that exact line in the original script. That's what I get for not putting my PSP to much use for quite some time.

Jualan Psp n Ps3(Full cracked)- update 29/10/10 - CARI Infonet - Powered by Discuz!

Disaster of a bloody PSP avatar, monopoly my psp promeetheus be a bit schizophrenic can't play dante's inferno You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thanks for the catch, Margit should be the one who has to join not Prometheua. Well i have a PSPwith firmware 3. There are several different methods for updating. Check out this post to see if the PSP you want is hackable or not: So this means that mv6 lets you play Ghost of Sparta right?